The Secrets of a True Entrepreneur

In this Vol. 1 series book, you’ll find the UNTOLD truth of entrepreneurs who achieved freedom, wealth, and fulfillment.

How many times have you cooked something that ended in disaster?

Have you ever found yourself involved in an unhealthy, unreliable relationship?

Do you tend to lose your sense of purpose as your business grows?


How to build a team and thrive

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Dr. Sénamé Agbossou

Dr. Sénamé Agbossou is a professional researcher who has made entrepreneurship his focus. After more than a thousand hours of one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs, and countless successfully-solved mediations between business owners and managers, he has developed a unique insight into entrepreneurship. 

He believes the intangible elements of a business are the hardest to master and are what results in success.

In The Secrets of a True Entrepreneur, he shares the tools to build a strong hassle-free environment. Inside this book you will come across:

  • five types of people
    you encounter in relationships
  • the most important reasons to hire someone
  • tools to identify the right people
    for your business
  • insights to eradicate outmoded beliefs that
    keep you from finding freedom and fulfillment
  • ways to retain your valuable team members
    and avoid costly turnover

The Secrets of a True Entrepreneur gives you the tools to create a hassle-free business. This book will teach you how to confidently choose the right relationships in business and life. It will help you re-discover your drive and build a strong team that will support your purpose.

This book has helped me see common issues closely and now I have the knowledge to take action and clear the hassle!

By Jane


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